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General Information

Manufacturer: Sikorsky

Model: S-76C++

Serial: 760755

Total Time: 7,795

Type: Turbine Helicopters

Condition: Pre-Owned

For more information about this aircraft's pricing or other additional details, call +1 (512)-587-6522, or email

 • 12 Pax Seats w/ 4 point Shoulder Harness Restraints; Vinyl Seats; or Medevac ConWiguration                                                                                                  Exterior


 •  ​White w/Blue and Black Accents


Type: Safran Arriel 2S2 

  • 12 Pax Interior/ Medevac Configuration

  • RH Sliding Door

  • HUMS (Health and Usage Monitoring System)

  • Emergency Pop-out Floats

  • Engines Enrolled on (Support by Hour) Safran SBH

  • CVR (Cockpit Voice Recorder)/FDR (Flight Data Recorder)

  • EGPWS (Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System)

  • Weather Radar

  • Dual Inlet Barrier Filters

  • Heated Glass Windshields


  • Master Warning Panel

  • Dual Integrated Instrument Display System (IIDS) Honeywell EDZ-756 Four 5x6" EFIS Displays

  • Dual Electronic Attitude Display System (EADS)

  • Dual Horizontal Situation Indicator (EHSI)

  • Dual Display Control

  • Standby Attitude Display Indicator

  • Backup Airspeed Indicator

  • Dual Audio Panels

  • Honeywell SPZ-7600 4-Axis Dual Digital Flight Control System (DDAFCS)

  • Dual Attitude Heading Reference Systems (AHRS)

  • Honeywell FZ-706 AFCS Flight Director/ Autopilot

  • Dual Collins VHF-22A Comms

  • Dual Collins VIR-32A Navs w/VOR/glideslope/marker beacon

  • Garmin GPS-500W GPS

  • Honeywell KRX-1053 HF Transceiver

  • Honeywell Mark XXII EPGWS

  • Collins ALT-1000 w/audio/visual alert Radar Altimeter

  • Skywatch SKY497 Traffic Advisory System (TAS)

  • Trig TT22 Mode C or S Transponder w/ADS-B

  • Honeywell Primus 440 Color Weather Radar

  • Honeywell KRX-1053 Hi Frequency

  • Universal Avionics CVR-120 (Cockpit Voice Recorder) CVR

  • Penny & Giles Multipurpose (Flight Data Recorder) CVR/FDR

  • Collins DME-42 DME w/ IND-42A Indicator

  • Collins ADF-462 ADF

  • IVSI (Instantaneous Vertical Speed Indicator)


S-76C++ • 12 Pax Seats +2 Pilots • EMS/Medevac w/Litter • RH Sliding Door/LH Hinged Door • Emergency Floats • Engines Enrolled on Safran SBH • Gearboxes Enrolled on Sikorsky PAP • 4-Axis DDAFCS • CVR/FDR • Heated Glass Windshields


  • Dual Flight Controls

  • Heated Glass Windshields

  • Bleed Air Heating and Defogging

  • Flight Deck Heater and Vent Blower

  • Ram Air Ventilation

  • Dual Windshield Wipers

  • Dual Crew Ejectable Cockpit Doors

  • RH Sliding Door and LH Passenger Hinged Door

  • Baggage Compartment w/ hinged doors both sides

  • Chadwick-Helmut EVXP Vibration Monitoring- HUMS

  • FDAP Manual 1.1 Flight Data Monitoring

  • Pilot and Copilot Seats w/ 5 Point Restraint Harness

  • Passenger Seats w/ 4 Point Restraint Harness

  • 12 Passenger Seats

  • Engine Dual Inlet Barrier Filters

  • Fuel Total Capacity 281 Gallons

  • Low Level Fuel Warning System

  • Dual Engine Fire Detection and Extinguishing System

  • Gearbox Magnetic Chip Connectors with Fuzz Burn

  • Engine Water Wash System

  • Underwater Locator Beacon Sonar Transmitter ADS-B Out

  • Emergency Pop-out Floats

  • Fuselage Floats w/Auto Inflation

  • Emergency Pop-out Windows

  • (Hel. Emergency Egress Lighting System) HEELS Emergency Exit Lights

  • Life Rafts w/Radio/Beacon/Transponder

  • External Mounted Rafts (2)

  • Halon Fire Extinguisher (2)

  • Litter Kit (available)

  • First Aid Kit (2)

  • Medical Evacuation Kit

  • Six Speaker, two per row, Public Address System

  • Artex C406-NHM ELT

  • Rotor Brake

  • High Visibility Rotor Blades

  • Dual 200 amp starter generators

  • Single 44 amp-hour Battery

  • Controllable Landing Light

  • Fixed Landing Light on RH Main Gear

  • Skyconnect Satellite Tracking System

  • Altitude Voice Alert Device

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