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General Information

Manufacturer: Bell

Model: 206L-4

Serial: 52081

Total Time: 16,094

Type: Turbine Helicopters

Condition: Pre-Owned

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1+6 Seats. Standard Cabin with 5 seats with individual seat belts and single strap shoulder harness; three equal width forward facing seats and two individual rearward facing seats. 2 Crew Seats with seat belt, double strap shoulder harness and inertia reel.


  • White and Dark Blue


Type:Rolls Royce 250-C30P


  • Dual Control Provisions Only

  • Dual Caliper Rotor Brake

  • DART Avionics Console

  • DART Heli-Access Float Steps

  • DART Aft Crosstube

  • DART Fwd Crosstube

  • AA Skid Tubes

  • AA Baggage Extender

  • AA Crew Floor Protectors

  • AA Pax Floor Protectors

  • AA Hat Rack Safety Net

  • AA Composite Baggage Door

  • AA Composite Engine Cowlings

  • AA Vertical Fin Cap w/LED Strobe

  • AA Tail Rotor Pedal Lockout Kit

  • AA Cyclic Safety Cover

  • AA Collective Safety Cover

  • AA Folding Maintenance Step LH

  • AA Maint. Step Handle LH/RH

  • AA Air Deflectors, Crew Doors

  • AA Air Deflectors, Aft Cabin Doors

  • AA Interior Trim Kit

  • AA Windshields

  • AA Rubber Mounted Chin Bubbles

  • AA Skylights

  • AA Crew Rubber Mounted Wedge Windows

  • AA Pax Rubber Mounted Wedge Windows

  • AA Mid Cabin Window

  • AA Litter Door Window

  • Pulselite Interface Kit

  • Air Chuck Landing Light

  • Van Horn Tail Rotor Blades

  • Facet Purolator External Oil Filter

  • Air Comm Bleed Air Heater Kit

  • FDC Aerofilter Inlet Barrier Filter

  • Dukane UAB

  • Start Switch on Pilot’s Cyclic Stick

  • Baggage Compartment Wall and Floor Protectors

  • Logbook Rack

  • External Rear View Mirrors

  • 5-Place ICS

  • Dual Shoulder Straps Crew

  • Single Shoulder Strap Cabin

  • Magnetic Compass


  • Good Times Remaining

  • FDC AeroFilter Inlet Barrier Filter

  • Facet Purolator External Oil Filter

  • Air Comm Bleed Air Heater

  • Radar Altimeter

  • Pulselite Interface Kit

  • Composite Engine Cowlings, Baggage Door

  •  Tail Rotor Lockout Kit

  • AA Rubber Mounted Chin Bubbles, Crew, Pax Windows

  •  Wedge Windows

  •  Start Switch on Pilot’s Cyclic Stick


  • Flight Instruments

  • Caution Lights

  • Garmin GNC420 GPS/Comm

  • King KY196A VHF Comm

  • Technisonics TFM138B FM Transceiver

  • King KT74 Transponder w/ Encoder

  • ADS B Out

  • NAT Audio Panel

  • L3 Skywatch 497 Traffic Advisory

  • Attitude Gyro

  • Altimeter

  • Heading Indicator

  • Airspeed Indicator

  • N1 RPM Indicator

  • N2 and NR RPM Indicator

  • TOT Indicator

  • Torque Indicator

  • Garmin GRA55 Radar Altimeter Sandia Aerospace GI205 Radar Alt Indicator

  • Flight Cell Control Head

852RL pic1 copy_edited.jpg
*emergency floats, and life vests shown in photos not included
*dual controls shown on the photos not included, dual control provisions only included


Available Immediately • 1994 Bell 206L-4 • US Registered • High Skids • Good Times Remaining • FDC Engine Inlet Filter • Radar Altimeter • Bleed Air Heater • Tail Rotor Lockout Kit • Wedge Windows • Baggage Extender • Dual Caliper Rotor Brake • Rubber Mounted Windows • Van Horn TR Blades • Start Switch on Pilot's Cyclic Stick

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